The electricity market was liberalized in Greece on 1 July 2007. In practice this means that the consumer can freely choose the supplier to meet its electricity needs without being obliged, as before, to source the electricity it consumes from A particular provider.

GREEN is one of the first Greek Power Supply and Power Companies that were founded immediately after the liberalization of the market. It was quickly established as the most stable value in the field of energy, representing a large number of industries, groups of companies, small and large enterprises, as well as domestic consumers that are either low (LV) or medium voltage (MT) connected. Respecting the needs of each consumer, it provides affordable electricity with monthly clearing accounts free of charge.

Our company VASTE.ECO.EVOLUTION Ltd. is GREEN’s official representative for the promotion of the most economical alternatives for power supply, mainly to industrial and domestic customers. You can contact us to suggest the most efficient and cost-effective solution to suit your needs. Our goal is with a personal and human service to offer confidence and confidence to the consumer, proposing the most economical but clear solution.