Rental of buckets, press-containers and related equipment

The company has open top and special containers of 8m³ to 40m³ capacity for collecting, transporting and managing solid non-hazardous waste as well as press containers of 10m³ to 24m³ capacity. The press containers are movable (hydraulic, screwed) or fixed screws.

Buckets are applicable in many uses and are placed in industrial and craft areas, construction sites, building renovations, outdoor cleaning, etc. The size and type of the bucket varies according to the type, characteristics and quantity of the materials to be collected and placed near their production sites. The removal and replacement of the bins is done immediately upon agreement.

Our company has the above equipment for rental or sale depending on the use and the needs of the customer. Transporting and removing them from their production points is done safely with vehicles that have the appropriate equipment and in accordance with environmental legislation and regulations.

Rental of processing machinery (crushing, cutting, crushing and destruction)

All waste treatment machines, ie grab-separators, crusher-shredder, wood chipper and metal cutting scissors are available for rent or lease for on-site use at the customer’s premises along with the appropriate staff.