Our company undertakes the following integrated services for the management of non-hazardous biodegradable solid waste:

  • Collection, transport and treatment of bio-waste for the recovery of useful materials and energy through composting or biogas procedures
  • Collection and shredding of non reusable wood-pallets , as well as generally non-hazardous useless wood
  • Collection and processing of wood pellets for the production of secondary materials
  • Production of secondary fuels and raw materials
    Fragmentation and management services of branches, garden and park waste and bulky items
    Waste volume reduction services through press-containers or through shredding mahines
    Management of biodegradable materials and green waste for the production of soil improvers, plant components and compost
  • Transportation towards compost units with which we have years of successful cooperation agreements
  • Transfer to biogas plant for  electricity generation from organic waste