Wood is a non-renewable natural resource, whose demand has increased significantly and it is expected to double in the next decades. Legal forest production and forest reproduction rate is insufficient to meet the industries’growing needs, thus resulting in illegal  logging and devastating deforestation. Therefore, environmentally friendly techniques in the field of wood recovery from wood-waste need to be implemented.

Through wood recycling we promote the natural resources’ protection, enhance the volume reduction of waste in the landfills, produce good-quality compost and we effectively contribute to meeting the National Recycling Goals both as a company and as society.

va.ste.eco evolution maintains the appropriate wood facilities. In fact, we operate a wood recycling center with modern technological equipment and specialized personnel- always in accordance with the requirements of domestic and EU legislation. We are able to accept and recycle any kind of wood waste, such as pallets,natural wood easte and industrial wood waste.

To elaborate more our job, we receive the following wood waste for recycling:

  • Worn pallets: worn, broken or broken pallets that can not be reused
  • Wooden boxes of all kinds
  • Timber from building and mainly from demolitions
  • Branches of pruning trees
  • Remnants from furniture workshops, carpentry, etc.
  • Advanced industrial wood

The treatment of the wood easte is initially hand-based in order possible impurities to be removed from the main material stream. Then, through a special shredder the clean wood input stream is crushed. During the extraction process of the shredded material from the shredder, the wood stream passes through a magnet. The magnet’s purpose is to isolate and collect any remaining small metal piece (nails, screws, hoops, etc.).

The final fine product is now ready to be used as a raw material in the wood industry, for the production of paper or even for the production of alternative fuels.

Additionally, our company offers the capacity of renting specialized portable equipment at the customer’s premises for working in situ. By this way, we succeed to reduce the volume at the customer’s premises. Eventually, the fine wood product is being prepared for recycling .