Used tires are tires of any type of vehicle, such as trucks, mopeds, tricycles, light quadricycles, as well as works and agricultural machinery, which are converted into waste when not used anymore, and rubber straps from industry and Processing.

Our company has its own means of transport and appropriate licensing for the collection and transportation of used tires from collection points throughout the Greek territory to the end-use areas. The collection of used tires is made directly from the collection points that are the vans and workshops throughout the country.

Also, our company can collect by agreement tires from dismantling of vehicles that are contracted with the approved system of EDOE and from producers / holders such as Municipalities, technical companies, public companies, etc.

Used tires collected, separated into our facilities and transported to recovery / recycling plants where recovered rubber is produced that can be used as raw material for recycling or for energy recovery in the cement industry. Otherwise, such waste would result in uncontrolled disposal because, since they do not decompose naturally, they will not be accepted for disposal by landfills in accordance with European and Greek law.

Second-hand tires are being used both as energy and as raw material. As far as energy recovery is concerned, it usually takes place in energy-intensive industries such as cement, steel, power plants, e.t.c.