Environmental pollution is more acute than ever with the deterioration and degradation of flora, fauna and the endocrine disorders affecting millions of our fellow humans every day. The unexpected use and disposal of plastic materials at out-of-control landfills  has  cumulatively contributed  to the deterioration of the environmental impact from plastics. Therefore, it becomes a necessity for us solve the problem through targeted management actions.

Va.ste.eco evolution guarantees the proper separation of plastic matterials by type. The Collection Center for Recyclable Materials that va.ste.eco evolution owns at its main Recycling Plant, as well as its modern equipment have the ability to host a wide range of plastics in order to be sorted and classified in different grades. By this way we succeed the maximum purity rate per plastic grade. The plastic recycling cycle is being completed when the materials are promoted in the licensed recycling plastic industries. There, new plastic goods are being produced by raw material savings , less energy consumption and smaller CO2 footprint (carbon dioxide).

We undertake the management of plastics belonging to the following main categories:

  • PET
  • PP
  • HDPE
  • LDPE
  • PVC
  • PS
  • ABS
  • Plastic Panels
  • Phenol
  • Styrofoam (EPS)