Mixed packaging is a concept that has recently been introduced into our everyday life and consists of:

  • Plastic packaging (bottles of water, yoghurt packaging, plastic bags, detergent bottle)
  • Wrapping paper (wrapping paper, paper bags, device cartons)
  • Aluminum packaging (beverage-soft drinks)
  • Glass packaging (glass bottles of water)
  • Tinplate packaging (cans of oil, feta)

The “blue bin” that we now meet outside each house contributed to the spread. The “blue bucket” is an initiative of the Hellenic Chamber of Commerce and Industry. In cooperation with the municipalities, which offers the possibility for the citizens to distinguish the packaging materials from the common household waste.

Mixed packaging, either in the form of a blue bucket or in an industrial form, can be managed by our company in our modern facilities using mechanical equipment and the help of well-trained human resources.