Glass is often used in our lives in various forms. However, glass does not decompose in nature and therefore it is necessary to collect, separate and recycle. The ways to recover are two:

The first is the collection of bottles that are in excellent condition and led to the corresponding industries where they are cleaned, sterilized and re-used in the production process.
The second way concerns bottles that can not be reused and the other glassware or packages (jars, utensils, etc.). All the above are concentrated in the blue bins or in separate collection bins and transferred to concentration centers where mechanical separation of the glass is done and preparation for recycling. This process results in significant amounts of raw materials and energy being saved as the energy required to melt the recycled glass is much less than that required to produce glass from new raw materials.The company undertakes the collection, separation and transfer of glass of any form or color, and its transportation for recycling or handling to the appropriate recipients.