SIADANDARIS Company in the field of Biodegradable Waste Management (Biodegradable) Management can provide the following services:

  • Collection and treatment of wastes and plant debris
  • Services of crushing and management of branches, trees, shrubs, gardens and parks, as well as other bulky objects from domestic or private activities, as well as maintenance of public green spaces
  • Waste volume reduction services
  • Management of biodegradable materials and green waste for the production of soil improvers, plant and compost
  • Recovery of recycled materials for secondary alternative fuels production
  • Park maintenance and deforestation – cutting of grasses and branches
  • Works for collecting, transporting and treating soil debris from private or public works
  • Planting of vegetable garden residues resulting from professional activity (nurseries, greenhouses, garden maintenance assignments, etc.)

Our company has set up and operates a model center for the preparation of biodegradable waste for recycling or recovery, operating in accordance with the requirements of domestic and EU legislation, with modern technological equipment and specialized personnel.