The use of paper has rapidly grown in modern society. In fact, it has been multiplied 40 times more since the early 20th century to date. Given that the annual consumption exceeds 200 million tons a year, the need for recycling is rendered obviously high.

The paper production process involves activities that burden the environment. Once a forest is cultivated, the whole process requires the transformation of the raw materials to waste when it reaches the consumer’s hands.Good-quality recycled paper products can be feasibly produced throught the recycling process. Recycling, if properly managed, is cost-effective and more environmentally friendly.

Our company undertakes the collection of paper offering plenty of its own fixed and mobile equipment (presses, containers, numerous vehicles, as well as transportation, sorting and shipment services to the paper industries. The staff of va.ste.eco are qualified and experienced to handle all the recyclable paper-sorts. We have 5 reception points in Schimatari, Aspropyrgos, Lamia, Volos and Thessaloniki. We can serve you anywhere in the the entire Greek territory, since we maintain an affiliate and trustworthy network all over the country.

We collaborate with all domestic papermakers and the world’s largest paper industries achieving the maximum performance and the widest range of managed materials.