By Editor on July 10, 2017

New shredder for wood-waste

The company  recently purchased a special shredder for the production of high quality shredded wood, suitable for pellet production, production of new products in wood industry or for use as alternative fuel. This special mobile equipment operating in accordance with the requirements of domestic and European legislation, enhances the company’ s wood recycling processes and renders va.ste.eco evolution as  a standard recycling center for all types of wood. We are therefore able to accept and recycle any kind of wood waste, such as pallets and natural or industrial wood waste. More specifically, we accept:
• Worn pallets: worn, broken or dismantled pallets that can not be reused
• Any wooden packaging boxes
• Timber from building and basicly from demolition waste
• Tree branches from pruning
• Remnants from furniture workshops, carpentry, etc.
• Composite industrial timber

The treatment

The treatment carried out includes  initially the removement of any foreign matter and then, the clean pieces of wood are crushed through the special shredder. The output of the fine-grained wood stream is going through a magnet. The magnet separates and collects any remaining small metallic elements (nails, screws, loops, etc.).

Final products’ utility
The final product is now ready to be used:

  • as a raw material for the production of timber products to the wood industry,
  • for the production of alternative fuels or
  • as a component for the production of pellets.

Additionally, our company offers the possibility of renting the portable equipment at the customer’s premises for work on site. In this way, we manage to reduce the volume at the customer’s premises.