Wood is a natural resource in deficiency and its availability has decreased in recent years. Forest production is insufficient to meet the needs for wood, and therefore the need for alternative recycled materials is imperative.

Our company has created a specialized wood recycling plant, operating according to the standards set by the legislation and the modern needs, with modern technological equipment and specialized personnel. During the recycling process the woods passing through a special machine are crushed and separated from any metals (nails, etc.). Pure, crushed and graded wood is now ready to be used as raw material for the production of wood products (chipboard, etc.), either for the production of paper and secondary fuels.

Our company has pieces of wood and wood chips of specific dimensions and low humidity, depending on the needs and specific requirements of the final recipient of recycled wood for use as raw material or for the production of fuel.

At the same time, it is possible to rent the specialized portable equipment that our company has to carry out work on site cutting or breaking at customer’s premises in order to reduce the volume or to prepare for energy recycling / recovery.