The central unit of our company operates in the 1st km of Schimatari-Chalkida in modern privately-owned facilities of 50.000 sqm with 7.000 m² building facilities, fully equipped with state-of-the-art technology. These facilities include a modern Recyclable Materials Collection Center (KIDAY) and a standard industrial wastewater treatment and treatment center.

We also have a waste collection and reception center in Aspropyrgos, serving our customers in Attica, the Aegean Islands and southern Greece.

In our facilities, management, training and control systems are in place at all stages of the production process, aiming at worker safety, environmental protection and optimum performance and quality of recycled materials produced.

The complete and modern technological organization of both the Administrative Division and the other departments make our company unique in its fields of activity.

Since April 2016 we have been working contractually with HERC. And the Recycling Materials Collection Center for the Fthiotida area, located in Lamia, applying our high level of know-how and experience in order to efficiently carry out the recycling project in this geographical area.