Every modern society is intertwined with the provision of a multitude of goods and products to man, contributing to raising his living standards. At the same time, however, any consumption process is accompanied by waste production. Packaging waste, household waste, commercial and craft waste as well as waste from entire industries are only a few of the solid waste that is produced daily in large quantities. Needless to say, there is an urgent need to manage them in a legislative, environmental and financially optimal way, and always with a view to minimizing them.


Our company, VA.STE.ECO EVOLUTION Ltd. Is specialized in the development and implementation of systems for collecting, transporting and sorting solid non-hazardous waste both in the Greek and the international market. All activities have been developed in accordance with the respective legal frameworks of the Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change. We are one of the companies that are included in the Register of Non-hazardous Waste Management and we have been registered with the Electronic Waste Registry with no. 396.

Recyclable materials as well as mixed solid waste after collection are transferred to our privately owned plants for further sorting. The materials to be recycled are bundled and shipped to industrial plants, where they will serve as a secondary raw material for the production of new materials. The complexity of this activity is due to the uniqueness of each material, which requires separate sorting, storage, transport and recycling. However, recycling could never have taken place without this intermediate stage of material recovery.


Our goal is to channel the materials to units where the recycling process is completed, because only then is it possible to implement an optimized waste management system. The conversion of materials into new products (recycling) implies the promotion of recovered materials to domestic companies as well as to foreign companies, which can technically support the recycling process of the respective materials.

Even common waste is separated for maximum purity and transformation into a solid blend of high energy value. Thus, our company can produce and dispose of raw materials for alternative secondary fuels (RDF) for further management. In this way, only a small percentage of the original waste stream is reached for final disposal in landfills.


When investigating companies – acceptable recycled materials, our primary objective is to cooperate with Greek companies and then look at the alternative as an alternative. The export of some of the recovered materials results as a result of non-demand of the materials offered for recycling to domestic recyclers-recipients.


VA.STE.ECO EVOLUTION Ltd. Maintains long-term partnerships with the most flexible and reliable export companies. As a result, it is possible to concentrate a large volume of recyclable materials and to manage a significant amount of solid recyclable materials. There is a large and interrelated sequence of collaborators and collaborations in order to optimally complete the recycling process.


VA.STE.ECO EVOLUTION Ltd. Has all the necessary operating licenses for its own units and is ISO 9001 certified for all services and products it offers, as well as with ISO 14001 for environmental management. At the same time, it complies with the International Standard on Safety and Health of Personnel in accordance with ELOT 1801 and the International Standard of Social Welfare and Accountability SA 8000: 2008.


With clientele that exceeds 1,000 businesses, VA.STE.ECO EVOLUTION Ltd. Has managed to create an important core of dissemination and development of its activities. Year after year it gains the trust of more and more associates, which is a vivid confirmation of the quality of its work.