The first ' Green school ' with the European stamp EPISIMWS in Skyros

By Admin on January 22, 2019

To be the first "green" school to meet the most stringent international environmental standards, as delimited by the Green Destinations programme, which supports destinations around the world to be improved on the basis of the global criteria And the objectives recognised by the United Nations, was put by the mayor of Skyros, Miltos Hatzigiannakis. . Skyros, along with Folegandros are the only Greek destinations in the list of the top 100 "green" destinations in the world of "green Destinations", which was presented last autumn and is something that the municipality-of course-could not To leave unexploited. "Skyros is gradually becoming a destination-a model of sustainable development, based on the harmonious utilization of its cultural heritage and natural wealth, while upgrading its tourist product," he stressed, speaking to Ana-MPA Mayor. From the energy upgrade of the entire island, the gymnasium could not be absent: "The creation of the Green School is not only about buildings, but represents the change of mindset for the formation of ecological awareness among young people and in particular Students, "he added. "Our main goal is to make Skyros an area that offers professional opportunities and a high quality of life for every Skyrian who wants to live permanently and raise his family on the island. The new high School is also in this direction as the educational conditions are a key criterion for choosing to stay in one place, "said Mr. Hatzigiannakis. The school is expected to include, inter alia, bioclimatic applications-passive and energy solar systems, renewable energy sources and systems for saving water. At the same time, the first bioclimatic gym on an island will be created in the gymnasium. Furthermore, more rooms are provided, which will make students ' attendance more comfortable, as well as new functional and modern spaces for the creative activities of students. All this will be done with the assistance of the NSRF, which has included the energy upgrade of the school. It was preceded by extensive consultation with the Association of parents and Guardians of the island, while after the completion of the required procedures, within the next period the start of project implementation work is expected. Its completion will be the culmination of the months and persistent effort of the municipality to ensure quality conditions of education to pupils. Source: Res, Dikaiologitika News